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Bilim Pharmaceuticals

Bilim Pharmaceuticals

Contact Person

Gorkem Demirten
External Markets Director
+90 212 365 17 56
Kaptanpasa Mah. Zincirlikuyu Cad. No:184 Beyoğlu-Istanbul/Turkey
Brief Description of the Company
Founded in 1953, Bilim Pharmaceuticals is a 100% Turkish capital owned company. Bilim Pharmaceuticals manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products, ranking within top 3 companies among 400 corporations including multinationals in the Turkish pharmaceutical market. Employing over 2.000 people, Bilim Pharmaceuticals consistently grows at a higher rate than the Turkish market and expands its presence in the External Markets. Bilim Pharmaceuticals carries out its production activities at two separate plants. Approved by the German Ministry of Health, Bilim Çerkezköy Beta-Lactam Plant has an indoor area of 9.250 m². Approved by the British Ministry of Health (MHRA), Bilim Gebze is the largest drug manufacturing plant in Turkey and among the largest facilities in Europe. Bilim Pharmaceuticals owns one of the largest R&D centers in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry with a 4,500 m² laboratory area, where it develops new products, significantly contributing to the Turkish economy. Holding over 1.200 marketing authorizations and safely used in over 60 countries, Bilim Pharmaceuticals has representative oces in Moldova and Albania. In a sensitive sector which is directly related to human health, Bilim Pharmaceuticals prioritizes quality and adopts respect towards future generations as a corporate value.
Production Area
Cerkezkoy Plant: 9.250 m2 indoor area
Gebze Plant: 51.500 m2 indoor area
Annual Production Capacity
Cerkezkoy Plant: 44 million packs
Gebze Plant: 250 million packs
GMP Certificates
Turkey(PIC/S), UK, Germany, Croatia, GCC
Other Certificates
ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 27001, EFQM Excellence Award
Number of Employees
Foreign Trade Analysis Report

Foreign Trade Analysis Report

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