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Teva Turkey Pharmaceuticals

Teva Turkey Pharmaceuticals

Contact Person

Fatma Elif Yavuz
Associate Director Supply Chain
+90 533 492 90 28
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mah. Poligon Cad. Buyaka 2 Sitesi 2. Blok Apt. No: 8 B/22 Kat: 5-6 34771 Umraniye Istanbul/Turkey
Brief Description of the Company

Teva is one of the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies in the World. With 1,800 drugs and 16,000 products, Teva is healing 200 million people every day around the world. Teva globally has a balanced business by specializing both in the original and the equivalent drug market. Teva is the world's leading producer of raw materials for all pharmaceutical manufacturers. In 2007, Teva acquired Med Pharmaceuticals, a Turkish company, and began its operations in Turkey. In 2016, Teva changed Med Pharmaceuticals trademark to "Teva Turkey". Since then, Teva Turkey has been offering equivalent and innovative products produced in world standards for the use of Turkish medicine. Focused disease areas are Central Nervous System (CNS) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) specifically, Oncology, Respiratory and OTC & Dermatology, where Teva brand is uniquely positioned and globally recognized. Teva is working toward a single, common goal every day, through our original and equivalent treatments in all of these treatment areas: to improve health and make people feel better.

Production Area
Teva does not have a local production facility, however has contract manufacturing agreements with several successful manufacturers in Turkey for the production of its specialty or generic products in different forms and strengths.
Annual Production Capacity
No Local Production
GMP Certificates
NA in Turkey
Other Certificates
NA in Turkey
Number of Employees
Foreign Trade Analysis Report

Foreign Trade Analysis Report

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